Unlock Code All Blackberry MEP Locked on Movistar Spain

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Unlock your Blackberry Remotely by Code- Any Movistar Spain Locked Blackberry

Unlock code for an Movistar Blackberry Smartphone. Our unlock code will disable the MEP network block. Once unlocked, your Blackberry will accept active SIM cards from different network service providers worldwide. This item is for an unlock code for a Blackberry Mobile Phone locked on Movistar (Telefonica) Wireless Spain.

Unlock Your Movistar Spain Blackberry by Code
Unlock Codes Compatible with the following Blackberry Smartphones
Bold / Bold 2 9700 9000 9780   9710  9720      
Storm / Storm 2 9500 9520 9530 9550        
Tour 9630 9650            
Curve (Javelin) 8900 8910 8920          
Curve (Gemini) 8500 8510 8520          
Curve 8300 8310 8320 9300         
Pearl Flip 8200 8210 8220          
Pearl / Pearl 3G 8100 8110 8120 9100        
World Edition 8330              
Edge 8800 8810 8820          
  8700 8700c 8700g 8700r 8700v 8703e 8707g  
Torch9800 9670 9780   9810  9820      
If you do not see your blackberry's model number, email us to see if it can be unlocked

enter the IMEI, PRD, and MEP numbers to unlock your blackberry by code

Please read below. This information is important and will guarantee you receive a correct unlocking code for your Blackberry.

1. Unlocking Codes are unique to every Blackberry cell phone.

2. Check that your Blackberry has unlocking attempts left before you buy. Just following the unlocking instructions without entering a code.

3. Provide the CORRECT IMEI Number or you will receive an incorrect unlock code. (How to find IMEI #)

4. Provide the CORRECT PRD Number. Easy to find and helps generate the unlocking process. (How to find PRD #)

5. Providing the MEP Number is not mandatory, Although it can speed up an order. If we need it you will need to use our MEP Code Reader to provide it. (MEP Reader)

6. Check your Movistar Blackberry's compatibility on other worldwide networks.(Network Compatibility)

7. Unlock Code Delivery TImes: A few minutes to 6 Business Hours. Varies by carrier and correct information supplied. Providing MEP Number greatly accelerates the process.We provide service 18 hours a days and 7 days a week.

8. Unlocking instructions are on our site. Step-by-step and easy to follow. Enter the unlock code and enjoy a SIMFREE cellphone in minutes. (Instructions)

9. Need Support? No problem, the Unlockology Tech Team is here to help. (Contact Us)

10. Unlocking is safe, legal & guaranteed to unblock your mobile phone regardless of GSM wireless carrier SIM Lock restriction.

11. Blackberry cellphones only allow ten attempt to enter the correct code. Follow directions carefully. Only enter the code once, should you have a problem contact us immediately. We are not responsible if you hard-lock your Blackberry by entering a wrong code too many times.

Once unlocked, your Movistar Spain Blackberry cellular phone will never re-lock, even if you upgrade the firmware or hard-reset the cellphone.


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  • Model: Code SPA Movistar ANY Blackberry
  • Manufactured by: Blackberry

To avoid a delay in processing, please provide the below information before adding to cart:

Model (ie. Bold 9700, Torch 9800, Storm 9530, Curve 8520, etc.)

IMEI # - (ie. 356552123456789) - Key *#06# on the dial pad

PRD # - (ie. PRD-315393-003) - On UPC sticker on back of phone

MEP # - (ie. MEP-04598-005) - How to read link on home page

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